Recently, as we rambled through boxes in our flood repaired home, we came across a plaque that defined the home. It said the usual about being a residence, a family unit and a place of refuge. I mentioned to my wife that though all those things are true, there is something missing from the definition… the home as a mission station. What I mean by this is that our homes are not only to be places of refuge for us but for others also.

Our western culture often tries to make our homes hideaways from the oppressive encroachment we feel in our culture. A place to run into and away from the things that we dislike and fear. We even Christianize this response and in practice turn our homes into fortresses against this evil cultural. Is this God’s plan?

Now, I want to challenge you with something really more radical than any of us probably know. What if we began to ask God to change our minds and turn our homes into centers of missions? I am a learning just like you and don’t have all the answers. But I am being challenged by the heart of God to rethink much of what I have been practicing about the structure and purpose of a home. Why can’t we make our homes places of refuge and peace for the family unit and still keep the calling of God at the forefront of our homes and families? The concept of “house church” is not just a structural change for us to embrace in our weekly family structure. It is probably a much more radical change than any of us know. Let me say it like this… the concept of our homes becoming launching pads for missions must not only be embraced by us, but we must allow God to embrace us with His heart to restore broken lives. We already know that the church moved from house to house, Acts 2: 46-47, but will we allow the Spirit to move upon the domiciles of our hearts and homes, transforming us and our home to reflect His kingdom purpose in the earth? Will we be people on mission and will our homes become mission depots? Let’s all pray.“

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