GROUP NAME: Monday Night Dinner Party

LEADERS: Lowry’s + Cavazos’

LOCATION: 1203 Belvin St. San Marcos, Texas 78666

DAY: First Monday of the Month 

TIME: 6:00pm

CONTACT: Joel Lowry: 512-618-0861

GROUP NAME: Young Adults Dinner Party

LEADERS: Porters + Bakers + Kelley

LOCATION: 618 Dartmouth St. San Marcos, Texas, 78666

DAY: April 4th + May 2nd

TIME: 6:00pm

CONTACT: Carson Porter: 817-296-5552

GROUP NAME: New to Sozo Dinner Party

LEADERS: Smothers + Yonker

LOCATION: 1009 Clyde St. San Marcos, Texas 78666

DAY: First Thursday of Each Month

TIME: 6:30pm

CONTACT: Steve Smothers: 512-923-4810

GROUP NAME: Wimberley Dinner Party

(specific to families in Wimberley)

LEADERS: Donaldson’s 

LOCATION: 135 Champion Cr, Wimberley, Texas or 19 Deerfield Dr. #2, Wimberley, Texas

DAY: First Thursday of the Month: April 5th + May 3rd

CONTACT: Carly Skelton: 512-618-9303 or Jim Donaldson: 830-857-3372