I believe that we have a God-sized call on our church family! I believe that we really are to be a family on mission representing Jesus to the world around us and advancing the Kingdom of heaven in our lives, region and to the ends of the earth. Sozo’s vision has never been building centered, but we have always believed that a vision so large would need A PLACE TO CALL HOME. A home that would not only serve as a place to gather and worship, but as a resource center for regional transformation and a launching pad to the nations.
A little over a year ago we begin saving for a future building. In May we decided not to renew our lease on the Sozo House, which served as our office and equipping space, believing that God had an upgrade for us. At that time we did not have clarity on how replacing the Sozo House might unfold, but we were doing our best to be obedient one step at a time. Not long afterwards we discovered an exciting opportunity. The Master’s School, located on Counterpoint Road (behind the outlet mall) closed permanently in 2019, and their property recently became available to purchase. The property is just over 13 acres and currently has 10 classroom buildings on it. A few of those those buildings could serve as offices and equipping space to replace the Sozo House, and the land has ample space to build an auditorium and for other future additions. The monthly mortgage on that property would be less than other suitable options for replacing the Sozo House. We spent some time in prayer and discussion to pursue God’s will for our church family and last week we made an offer that has been accepted with a 60 day contract to purchase.
As a leadership team we have developed a 3 phase building plan:
Phase 1 would be to purchase and renovate some of the existing buildings for office and equipping space in 2020 while continuing to meet in temporary space for Sunday worship. 
Phase 2 would be to build to an auditorium for worship and renovate several other existing buildings for children’s space in the next 2-5yrs. 
Phase 3 would be to build new office and equipping space at a future time to be determined.
Our offer is for a purchase price of $650,000. In order to close this deal we will need to have a 20% downpayment, which is $130,000.  In February our building fund had $50,000. In March a couple generously gave $50,000 to our building fund, with $25,000 of that being contingent on matching gifts. Currently, we need to raise $30,000 over the next 4 weeks to the purchase the property. Because of the matching gift, every dollar you give is doubled. Your gift would be to the building fund and if, for any reason, this purchase does not go through would be applied to a future building purchase. Would you prayerfully consider giving to this effort? You can give by using this link https://app.sharefaith.com/App/Form/884d1fa3-c8e6-4567-9a1b-cda5c0d566e6 , by TEXT to 512.643.7696 with the word “BUILDING” following your amount, or by MAIL to PO Box 925, San Marcos, TX 78667 with the word “BUILDING” in the memo. 
We believe God is on the move and are grateful to be in this together. Thank you for your partnership in seeing the Kingdom of Heaven advance.
With Excitement & Gratitude,
Joel Lowry
Lead Pastor