HI Sozo Family,
We’re looking forward to worshipping together this Sunday both in person and on the live stream at 5 pm. There has been a recent uptick in COVID-19 cases in our region and we suggest taking precautions seriously. In keeping with CDC recommendations, in order to make sure everyone has a seat and to care for those needing to maintain careful social distancing we’re making some adjustments to our seating and distancing plan. This Sunday the far left and far right seatings sections will be reserved for those at risk and desiring to maintain social distancing. Those seats will have every other row closed and require 2 seats between families/groups. We strongly recommend those who are at risk because of age, medical condition, or relationship to those at-risk to use those sections and wear a mask if present. We also request that those who are sick, at-risk, or symptomatic of illness to stay home for now and join us on the live stream. We will continue to disinfect the space, provide hand-sanitizer, have a no-touch service, and recommend those present to wear a mask.
We look forward to seeing you soon!

With Love,

Joel Lowry

Lead Pastor

Sozo Church