Sozo Storytellers is a collaborative ministry of Sozo’s worship, production, media and creative arts teams. We believe a people’s culture is established and endures through the art of storytelling. Sozo Storytellers exist to tell the stories of Sozo and God’s big story. We do this by creating platforms for God’s wisdom and beauty to be put on display. Through these platforms we believe His kingdom will be extended and His glory will cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea.


To be a collaborative team who uses our creative talents to restore and proclaim the true story of the relationship between God and man.


To see every person fully alive, awakened to the true God-story and living out their own story empowered by His spirit.


Sozo Creative Arts is a community of established and emerging artists who believe God is the ultimate Creator and the Source of all true inspiration. Created in God’s image we embrace creativity as both a gift from God and a part of our original design. We believe we were created to create.Our goal is to connect people to the Father so that He may empower them to become Pioneering Creatives, walking in their true identities, transforming culture through their art.


Awakening creativity and embracing creatives to extend the beauty of Christ to the world.


To see every person embrace their God given creativity and bring cultural transformation through Holy Spirit inspired works.


As a worship Ministry we want to be a people that minster to the heart of God. Our greatest desire is to “Host The Presence Of God” by leading in celebratory passion, wondrous adoration, and intimate connection with Jesus. As a ministry we do this through creating / fostering a culture that promotes family ,equips and raises up worshipers. We want to champion our Sozo church family’s grand vision of being family on mission, (re)presenting Jesus and advancing the Kingdom of God.


Sozo Media Team is a community of writers, photographers, graphic designers, etc…that aims to restore the heartbeat of creating and communicating in partnership with God. We believe man was created to reflect the fullness of God therefore our call is to restore man’s creative voice. We do this by creating content that inspires wonder and reflects the truth of God’s fullness. Creativity is a global language that is both powerful and compelling and has the ability to cross cultural lines. We use our creative voices to extend His kingdom and restore the creative voice of man.


To consciously create and communicate content that inspires wonder and reflects the truth of God’s fullness.


To see the heartbeat of man’s creative voice restored to its reflective nature.


Sozo production is a community of creative culture influencers who exist to communicate the good news to the world around them. We believe we have been called to curate worship cultures that allow people to step into their true identities and callings. For us production is much more than producing good works, we are a FAMILY that values worship and relationship first. We believe as we faithfully steward the gifts and talents we’ve been given we will see atmospheres shift and worship cultures established.


To be a community of creative culture influencers curating worship cultures and communicating the good news through our creative works.


Empowering creatives to shift atmospheres and create worship cultures everywhere we go.

Sozo Studio

Sozo Studio is the creative equipping branch of Sozo Storytellers. A place for making, training and collaborating, we exist to glorify God and extend His Kingdom through the arts. Spring 2024 registration now open.

This Spring we invite you to experience the Foundations series. Through the use of various mediums, discover God’s gift of creativity, embrace your creative identity, and learn more about Sozo’s vision for the arts and how you play a part.

Foundations is open to all skill levels, ages 15 and up and will meet at the Sozo Offices, 101 Uhland Rd. Suite 218. Thursdays at 6:30pm. Check the individual classes for dates and supply fees. No childcare available. Cost reduced to $25 each if you sign up for all three.