“Greenhouse is our school of discipleship & mission. The school will consist of two levels, Greenhouse: Discipleship School and Greenhouse: Internship & Leadership School. The mission of Greenhouse is to provide an environment for discipleship and kingdom calling activation. Our vision is to equip, empower and release wholehearted missional leaders who transforms the world."

Greenhouse: Discipleship School is open to anyone ages 16+ who desire to be developed in identity, theology, ministry & mission. Our desire is that you would be equipped to bring cultural transformation to the world around you.

10 Week Discipleship School
May 28th through August 4th
Sundays - 4-6pm
Tuesdays - 6-8pm
Registration Cost: $100



Do I have to be part of Sozo to go through Greenhouse?

No. Greenhouse is open to anyone ages 16+, even if you don’t regularly attend Sozo Church.

Will there be a break in classes over the summer?

We will not have classes during the week of July 4th.


How many classes can I miss?

Attendance is important for the purpose of not falling behind in classes and creating a cohesive learning environment for everyone. We allow each student to miss 3 classes over the course of Greenhouse.

Who will be leading?

Classes will be taught by our Sozo Teaching Team as well as friends and partners from around the world.

What will the classes be about?

Greenhouse will be broken into 3 segments: Identity, Theology & Ministry/Mission.