Salt + Light Prayer & Fasting Week

May 13-20

A Week of Prayer & Fasting For Breakthrough in the Land

Before we ever took on the Salt & Light Building & Vision Initiative, we knew that our call was not simply about a building and that our journey towards a building was only a small part of what God has called us to. When I received the email from the owner of the building we were planning to purchase stating that he would not sell it, I was shocked. I thought, “God, that’s not the plan.” As I’ve been processing my disappointment with God, I heard Him say, “You’ve prepared your people, but you have not prepared the land.” Here’s what that means: we’ve done well in preparing our church family for the vision and generosity of what lies ahead, but God is inviting us to prepare “the land” – the spiritual and relational climate of the city – in order to move forward into God’s calling for us.

The “spiritual climate” in the land is critical because there is a real spiritual battle for this city, and our calling is not simply to own and occupy a building but to see His Kingdom come and His will be done in San Marcos (and central Texas) as it is in heaven. I believe God is using the resistance we are facing to expose some strongholds and principalities in the spiritual realm in this season and is calling us to stand in the gap. Our vision has never been to hide out in a building, but to see the Kingdom of Heaven advance in our lives, region, and to the ends of the earth. So we’re not backing down; we’re pressing in. He has better for us and this city than we could imagine.

A pastor in town recently said that if you want to have a building in town, it’s impossible to go around the city government. This is where the aspect of preparing the land relationally comes in; it’s about pursuing some key relationships in the city, not simply so that we can have a building but so that we can see our city transformed. In the coming months, Lauren & I are planning to prayerfully increase our engagement with city government and leaders to step into the breakthrough that we sense God is inviting us into. Again, it’s not about a building, but instead about what He is revealing through our journey towards a building and beyond.

Here’s where you come in! We’re inviting the church family to a week of prayer and fasting for breakthrough in San Marcos from May 13 to May 20, culminating in a Salt & Light Prayer Rally on Monday, May 20 at 7pm. Fasting in the New Covenant is not a hunger strike attempting to twist God’s arm so that we can get what we want, but an intentional pressing into His heart and pursuit of His ways. Whether you fast for a meal, a day, or the entire week, we’re asking that you join us in prayerful pursuit of God’s heart and breakthrough for our church family and for the City of San Marcos. I recognize that many from our church family live outside of San Marcos, but we’re asking that you stand with us for breakthrough in this city in this season.